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Do you know what your life purpose is? It seems most of us do not and that worries some of us. Yet there are some people who feel that they have found their life purpose.
Do you know, though, 80 percent of the people who have shared with me their life purpose, have all said the same thing. They have each identified the same ‘purpose’ for their life. Why is this?
It makes you wonder whether we could all share the same life purpose. Is life purpose the same for all of us or almost all of us? Or could it be that these people are simply mistaken and have not yet really realized their true purpose?
Do you know that, of all the people who have told me their life purpose, not one person said their life purpose was:
o To make money;
o To work hard for their company;
o To spend time in the office;
o To be more organized;
o To watch television;
o To buy the latest car, computer, fashions, gadgets or whatever.
Yet, these are often the things you may find yourself spending your time on.
True. This may simply be a reflection of the type of people I spend my time with. Perhaps these people are not motivated by money, hard work, television, gadgets, etc.. Yet these people seemed to come from different backgrounds or ‘walks of life’ and still seemed to identify the same purpose for their life.
So we are still faced with the same dilemma. Could we all have the same life purpose or had these people not identified their life purpose accurately?
Up to this point, I have not revealed what it was that these people each said was their life purpose. Before I do, perhaps we should consider the need for accuracy. Is it really necessary to be accurate in defining your life purpose? Just how precise do you need to be? Obviously you need to have a purpose that is relevant to your life rather than one that is relevant to someone else’s life. Yet, apart from making sure it is relevant to you, how precise do you have to be?
I’m sure that some of you will say that if your life purpose is ‘flexible’ then it will allow you to fit your purpose into different stages of your life and into different circumstances. After all, our lives and our circumstances do not always remain the same, so to be able to adapt our life purpose to fit changing circumstances would be advantageous.
If, however, our life purpose is so flexible, is it really our ‘purpose’? Should our true purpose not be more constant throughout our life and should we not bring changes into our life that fit our ‘purpose’? Or would doing this make our lives to ‘rigid’?
So what is it that most people have said to be their life purpose? At this point, I can reveal that most people have revealed to me that their life purpose is; …
… ‘To help other people.’
I reveal this at the end of this article as I guess many of you may feel that this is your life purpose too. If so, then I repeat to you the question in the title, is this really your life purpose? Or do you need to define it further?