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While the average lifespan differs for each country, one thing is certain: we have around/more than 20000 days to spend on this planet, days that we can use to make a mark on our society and planet. However, how can you find your true purpose and leave something meaningful for years to come? Here you have a few great ideas that you to keep in mind.

Write down your interests and values

A good way to start this process is to write down what interests you the most and then you need to write down your values. You should not rush. Instead, you have to contemplate and understand your beliefs and interests to the best of your capabilities.

Think about how you want people to remember you

Do you want to be remembered for the great father/mother you were? Or maybe you want be remembered as an entrepreneur? Once you identify this, you will be able to find your true purpose. From here onward, you will have to work as hard as you can to make that purpose a reality.

Listen to your heart

Most of the time, you will see that finding your real purpose is as simple as listening to your heart. Make sure that you pursue those actions and dreams that make you happy. This way you will never feel that you work at all. Instead you will have a great experience, and in the end, the outcome can be a very good one.

Always focus on action, not ideas

Actions will help you identify and reach your true purpose. It’s the best way you can reach the results you want in life, so you have to do all in your power to stay determined and focus on actions. Do the right thing, focus on your life’s quality and the outcome will be second to none.

See what you enjoy doing

Some people like to help others, but at the same time there are persons with revolutionary ideas. You have to choose what you like doing and you have to pursue that goal. This will help you identify your true purpose in life quite easily!
In the end, finding your purpose in life can be an interesting journey. With enough determination and focus, you will find yourself more than impressed with the sheer value and quality of your life. It will be a challenge, true, but in the end, the outcome can be very rewarding.